Elevate God...

Acts 4:13 NIV: "When [the non-Christians] saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus."

Like Peter and John, we too are ordinary, but we are also learning how to be with the extraordinary King Jesus every moment of the day--to receive Him, rest in Him, honor Him, worship Him, trust Him, confess to Him, submit to Him, vent to Him, serve Him, obey Him, and enjoy Him...yes, ENJOY HIM!

Elevate Community...

Acts 2:42-47 provides a powerful portrait of the early Christian community-- 

they were devoted together in the following ways:

-learning & living out God's Word together

-doing life together & meeting regularly (fellowship)

-praying & praising God together at church and in their homes

-sacrificially & generously meeting each other's practical needs

-eating meals and celebrating the Lord's Supper together (communion)

At Elevate Church Mankato, 

we too are learning how to have this kind of community, 

to be devoted together in these ways.

Elevate Others...

In Mark 6, those seeking the Lord Jesus were tired and hungry. Jesus' followers wisely realized this and compassionately suggested that Jesus send them away so they could get food & rest. The Lord's response?

"You give them something to eat" (verse 37).

We too are learning to invest in the spiritual & physical needs of the surrounding communities: boldly proclaiming the Gospel of the crucified, risen & returning King Jesus, the Bread of Life & Savior of all who repent & believe; as well as compassionately & generously meeting others' earthly needs as well. Let's bring our "five loaves and two fish" to the Lord Jesus so He can meet the needs of others through our hands and feet. Come serve with us!