Volunteering In Mankato

Jeremiah 29:7 NIV:

"Seek the peace and prosperity of the city

to which I have carried you into exile. 

Pray to the Lord for it, 

because if it prospers, 

you too will prosper.”

For those who have received Jesus as Lord & Savior by faith,

we temporarily live on earth

as strangers in a foreign land that is not our true home (Hebrews 11:13-16).

And yet God calls us to be salt & light in the local and global village in which He places us.

We have a responsibility, in our brief time on earth, 

to work for the earthly & eternal welfare of those around us,

to represent Jesus & introduce all others to Him

Who offers earthly & eternal nourishment both for stomachs and souls.

Below are just a few of the many ways that you can partner with the Holy Spirit

in seeking the peace and prosperity of Mankato, Minnesota...

  • Options for Women

    A new organization in Mankato offering support for unplanned and high-risk pregnancy!

    For more information about services or volunteering contact their office at 507.625.2229, email at info@optionsmankato.org or visit their website at optionsmankato.org.

  • CADA (Committee Against Domestic Abuse)

    -Making awareness ribbons

    -Crisis call advocate

    -Shelter advocate

    -Children's advocate

    -Special events/projects


    -Much more!

    Please click HERE for next steps or contact Volunteer Coordinator, Bridget Bruels, at 507-625-8688 ext. 123 or by emailing bridgetb@cadaMN.org.

  • ECHO Food Shelf

    -Delivering food to ECHO clients

    -Organizing food at ECHO

    -Pick up food from restaurants & deliver to ECHO

    -And much more!

    For next steps to volunteer, please click HERE.

  • Salvation Army Mankato

    -Prepare and serve meals in our Noon meal program

    -Sort donations for seasonal programs (e.g. Bundle Me Warm)

    -Sort donations at our thrift store

    -Ring a bell to raise money (November-Christmas Eve)

    Please click HERE for next steps to volunteer.

  • The VINE (Faith In Action)

    -Visiting someone in need

    -Driving someone on an errand

    -Assisting with administrative office work

    -Helping coordinate special events

    -Providing snow removal/lawn care

    -And much more!

    For all volunteer opportunities, please click HERE;

    To apply, please click HERE;